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It is not easy to be a successful real estate agent as only 13% make it in the real estate industry while 87% of the real estate agents fail.

There are some rules, and methods in the real estate industry. Some of them are beneficial, while others might be harmful.  There’s also this collection of fundamental golden guidelines. If you only have room for seven things in your bag, choose these. They’ll make sure you make the best choices and stay safe and on schedule to achieve your goals year after year.

For Your Benefit And Profit, Follow The 7 Golden Guidelines Of Real Estate Investing

  1.  Buying, not selling, is how you make money

You will never go wrong if you buy at a discount. You won’t buy the most liquid real estate in the world, but once you have the funds to sell it, everything becomes simple. Stick to this tip if you want to make money in real estate. 

In contrast, if you buy at a little discount or at market pricing because “the market goes up so much,” you’ll quickly find yourself holding a lit match in your hand.

  1. Find a motivated seller

What does it mean to be a motivated seller? A person who no longer wants to own the property for any reason. In other words, you’re not wasting your time with someone who clearly has both time and money on their hands and wants to make the most of it. Look for someone who doesn’t have the time or money to help you. 

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  1. Never Stop Learning

You start losing when you stop learning. If you want to be a leader it is important to be a learner. The top real estate investors, agents, and property managers are all like that. Real estate is a field where there is always more to learn, and trends and rules are always changing. Discover various investment techniques, as well as construction, property management, technology, and marketing tactics. 

  1. Negotiation

You must learn how to bargain in order to be successful at closing transactions. NEVER SAY THE PRICE FIRST, it’s a rule of thumb.

It’s a general guideline that applies to many types of sales, not just real estate. The individual who specified the price is usually the one who loses. The cost of the same property might vary greatly and it also depends on your ability to negotiate. 

The first rule of real estate investing is to make money when you buy, not when you sell.

If you’re not good at negotiating for your property 

  1. Maintain cash flow and have capital at hand

Cash flow is critical to a company’s success. If you can’t keep a steady stream of income coming in, your firm is likely to suffer.

Renting generates cash flow, which is generated “by producing income.” Renting a house on which you are paying a mortgage, on the other hand, makes it very difficult to have a positive cash flow. Instead, you’ll need to generate capital through trading, then use that capital – along with the leverage – to fund larger operations that generate cash flow.

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  1. Always Expect the Unexpected

That’s right, “Always expect the unexpected”. You never know what can happen. Expect greater closing expenses, longer closing times, higher repair prices, longer marketing times, and unreliable people.

  1. The real estate investment of your life happens every week

Real estate is always in business, in every market time and market. In any case, the issue is locating them. However, in order to begin seeking for them, you must first believe that they exist (because there are, I can guarantee you). You will start to locate them if you start thinking that you may find properties at a 30% discount, with financing alternatives to your advantage, and easy and profitable sales opportunities. Every week, there will be at least one opportunity to close a real estate transaction. So, if the person you’re working with doesn’t completely convince you, believe me when I say that the sea is filled with fish. Continue on to the next property.


There are seven rules that should be followed while investing in real estate. And if you chose to pursue a career as a real estate investor, it will be second nature to you. And how do you see it? It’s easy and based on what’s known as “commercial intelligence”: buy low, be skilled at negotiating, and fall in love with the wealth that the things bring you when you sell them, not the products themselves!

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