A perfect home has everything flawless and beautiful, which includes a bathroom too. For that, check this list of Real Estate Agent Brooklyn. Which have different ideas about how you can design your bathroom perfectly. As per a survey by MAP, people on average give thirty minutes of their lives to their bathrooms daily. This annually takes more than one-hundred and eighty three hours from each person’s life. 

Since all of us give a huge portion of our time to bathrooms, why not design it perfectly? The designs in this article will amaze you and your guests. It will make your bathroom a perfect place to adore and relax. A bathroom has many things. With proper attention to those things, your bathroom can look more polished. Have a look below and consider these things while designing your bathroom.

Choose What’s In Trend

  • The Heated Floors

One of the most important things to consider is the floor of your bathroom. Most often, people choose beautiful, printed tiles. Or they go for a freestanding tub. Both look beautiful and highly recommended for sure. But what people forget is to choose a heated floor for their bathrooms. Heated floors can make your spa experience or bath time cozier. As ordinary floors with printed tiles will ruin your spa time. Typical tiles are cold, and they will remove the warmness of the atmosphere. Heated floors are pocket-friendly and easy to mount. Therefore, for a perfect bath or spa time, heated floors are recommended for sure.

  • The Flawless Lightening

Lightening is necessary everywhere. The case is the same for the bathrooms too. Different types of lights like an accent or overhead lighting are the prominent ones. Other lights for decoration are low-hanging, mirror lights, chandeliers, or many more. It gives a more relaxed yet gorgeous look to your bathroom. With these, a skylight above the shower can also be used for ventilation. For the fixtures of lights, use a dimmer switch. With this switch, you can adjust the lights according to your preference. For example, for a cozy mood, you can dim the lights. For doing makeup or clicking photos, you can increase the lights. Along with these, always set up the lights on the mirror sides. It will help in preventing the shadows while you see your face. The website of Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has some unique lighting ideas too. 

  • Some In-Drawer Outlets

New trends are coming up for everything. And everything includes bathrooms too. Creating in-drawer outlets in bathrooms is in fashion these days. These in-drawer outlets help in hiding the dryers, straighteners, hairbrushes, and other items. These drawers also help in avoiding the chances of a hazardous incident. As we keep them safe, and they do not encounter water in the bathroom. These in-drawer outlets are useful for storing electric razors and toothbrushes. With these drawers, your bathroom will give a clean and polished look.

  • Lots of Storage

Storage is vital for every part of a house. Storage in a bathroom can be installed in many ways. Drawers, niches, cabinets, or other spaces are the options for installing storage in bathrooms. For hair accessories and bathroom accessories, storage in a proper way is necessary. Beautiful designer cabinets with unique color themes are available for the user as storage in bathrooms. You can see more unique cabinets in the houses constructed by Real Estate Agent Brooklyn on its website. With these, a hidden basket or hamper should be placed within a cabinet. It will be used for putting in dirty clothes. All of this together will give an eccentric and magnificent look to the bathroom.

  • Using Natural Materials

Nature gives a feeling of calmness to everyone. Words cannot express that particular feeling. Bathrooms are also a place where everyone rests and relaxes. Whether you decorate your bathroom with different bolts of lightning or other materials. A touch of natural materials is necessary and recommended. Use Small green plants, stones, or pieces of aesthetic wood. These natural elements combined with water elements generate a spa feeling. And this helps in relaxing our mind, soul, and body. Wooden cabinets or vanities are used for a classic look.

  • A Perfect Shower Slot

Setting up a niche shower while designing a bathroom is a task. Because most of the time, people place showers without the required storage. There are many products such as shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. All of them need to be placed near the shower. So that it remains easy to choose and use. The solution for this issue is a storage space settled along the shower wall. For designing the storage space, Real estate agent Brooklyn recommends some tips. The storage space should be designed in a rectangular shape. The lower and smaller compartment should be used for razors and scrub bottles. The middle container for soaps, body washes. The upper chamber for the shampoo and conditioner bottles. This shelf can be designed beautifully by using plywood or wooden material.

Real Estate Agent Brooklyn

  • A Hand-held Shower

Different things combined create an excellent shower experience. Consider every minor detail for this purpose. This also includes installing a hand-held spray in the bathroom. Hand-held sprays cannot only be used for a good shower or spa experience. But they are also helpful in many ways. These sprays help in rinsing the shaved legs. For cleaning the walls of your bathrooms and much more. From washing the kids to washing the pets. The hand-held sprays give a complete and beautiful look to your bathroom. 

  • A WOW Spot

Every place needs a particular spot. That can bring a WOW or a smile to your face every time. A unique area is made of something special in it. That thing can be anything. It can be a decorative and elegant wall. Or a beautiful light fitting. An adorable, cute vanity. Eccentric floor tiles or anything creative. The WOW spot can include endearing green plants or a stylish mirror. Designing a WOW spot will not only make you feel relaxed and happy. But it will also enhance the exclusiveness of your bathroom. You can also take the professional assistance from Real Estate Agent Brooklyn for this purpose. 


Without a perfectly designed bathroom, your house is incomplete. Real Estate Agent Brooklyn wants your home to be perfect in every way. Therefore, pay attention to these eight things, design your bathroom distinctively. And have a wonderful bathing experience!

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