Decorating a home is not everyone’s cup of tea. It involves lots of money, energy, and time. That is why people become afraid while thinking of a decorating project. Real Estate Agent Brooklyn today’s article will blow off all your decorating fears. People become clueless after stepping into the chaos of decoration. Even after hiring professional designers, they remain unsatisfied with the results. Has this happened to you too? Are you still thinking about the reason for the failure? If yes, don’t worry because we will tell you the answer. The reasons are the wrong decisions you made unintentionally because of lack of assistance. Get ready to forget all your awful decoration projects experiences with this article. It has five significant mistakes with solutions to avoid while decorating your home. Continue reading and know more!

  1. Deciding The Paint Color Priorly

The importance of paint color in the beautification of a home is undeniable. But that doesn’t mean that it should be the first thing you do. Without finalizing the furnishing and fabrics of the house, deciding on paint is too risky. It’s tough to find the same-colored materials with the priorly chosen paint color. Therefore, avoid selecting paint without coordinating it with other things.


Decide the fabric of home furnishing firstly. Pick up the colors of rugs, curtains, pillows, draperies, etc. After that, select the coordinating paint color by using paint chips. You will find the perfect complimenting color easily without any hustle.

  1. Shopping From One Place

Variety is vital for creating exciting visuals. For this, you need different décor items from various places. Even if you are shopping for a room, one-stop shopping is not the solution. Real Estate Agent Brooklyn never wants you to waste your hard-earned money.


Go through different shops and online stores. Those who have different designs from various brands. Mix and match prints and patterns for your home decoration. It will save your home from a cookie-cutter look. If you have a high budget, consult a designer. He can guide you better about customized products and other options.

  1. Purchasing Furniture Without Measurement

You may find a sofa set or a coffee table very alluring in a showroom. But you don’t know their size while they are sitting in the display area. The furniture you love will eat up your living room after coming into your home. And you will start hating it. Therefore, it’s better to avoid buying furniture without having proper home measurements.



Before going out for furniture buying, measure the available area. Do this for all furniture pieces you want in your house decoration project. Keep these measurements with you while searching for your favorite furniture pieces. If you love something which is not according to your measurements, don’t worry. Ask the salesperson if it comes in another size or not. Remember that any piece out of your room size range is a waste of money. Choose the furniture which is the perfect fittings for your home to have desired results.

  1. Turning Everything Into Bold

It’s good to choose showstopper pieces for your home decoration. But not every piece needs to look bold and dazzling. In every space, simple staples are vital. They create a focal point which makes the entire area alluring and eye-catching. Therefore, avoid choosing all bold colored pieces while decorating. They will eliminate the beauty of visuals, thereby turning the investment into a waste.


If you choose bold-colored curtains or a bold art piece, mix and match it. Select simply beautiful neutral-colored sofas and rugs. While buying new furniture or any other thing, imagine its placement. Think of the ways you will fit it within the room palette. It will make your space look more appealing and gorgeously color coordinated.

  1. Choosing A Whole Set

The whole matching furniture set in a room looks less eye-catching. However, it’s a shortcut that saves time and energy. You pay for the furniture set, and if it’s less appealing, it’s not worth it.   Some of you may disagree with this point. But you will see the difference by yourself after mixing different pieces.


Choose an enticing main furniture piece firstly. Then look for different items from different brands that seamlessly complement that piece. The result will look more attractive with your personal touch in it. Focus on the color, material, and finishing of the elements. Decide between straight VS rounded lines, pleats VS tufting, and styles. Relate them with each other, so they coordinate perfectly.


Avoid these mistakes mentioned by Real Estate Agent Brooklyn in this article. Decorate your place like a PRO, just like your dream house. Happy Decorating!

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