Who doesn’t like browsing through photos and videos shared by their friends and families? The average Instagram user spends 53 minutes a day on the site, according to recode. There is no better way to advertise in the world of real estate than a visually appealing and widely used platform like Instagram. Real estate marketing is difficult because of the fierce competition and the difficulty in gaining a name in the industry. However, if done correctly, the return is always well worth the investment. 

Real Estate Agents Brooklyn is one of the leading companies in Brooklyn, and they set a great example of how Instagram can help you grow your business. So we stepped up our game by taking our business to Instagram, which helped us a lot with the growth of our business.

If you’re looking to advertise your real estate business on Instagram, let’s go over these seven best practices in greater detail to put you ahead of the game.


Why are you using Instagram to advertise your business? Do you want to engage more people who want to sell, buy their homes? Or maybe you want a tenant who can sign a one-year lease? Perhaps you want to break into a whole different market or create awareness about your business among the people.

When you pick your marketing target, setting defined targets ahead of time will assist you in going through the flow of configuring your first advertisement. It will also help you with the rest of the process, especially when selecting an ad format (for instance, a video ad, a carousel ad, or an Instagram story). If you have a clear goal in your mind, it’ll help to keep you on the right track. 

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    When you create your first Instagram ad, you will find you have a lot of choice of targeting your

    audience. Location targeting option is the most significant targeting tool for your real estate


With Instagram, you can target people based on their location with the help of a zip code. This will help you show your business to people who might be interested in your properties. 


Hashtags may look useless, but it helps to grow your reach. According to research, a hashtag gets 12.6% higher engagement than those without a hashtag. 

So what exactly do you hashtag? There are various tools available that can help you with your hashtags according to your business. If you want to use any devices, you can also consider some of these ideas 

  • Check your analytics to see what your target market is looking for more often 
  • You can also type a random hashtag on Instagram to check how popular they are
  • Have a look at what competitors are up to, what hashtags they are using for their business
  • Make your own branded “hashtag”. Do a giveaway to get people talking about it.


The good thing about Instagram is that there are not limited options for your advertising. If you are confused, the carousel ad format ad is one of the Instagram formats that can’t go wrong, especially when you want to advertise your real estate business. In addition, you can view various images in a catalogue-style format where you can swipe and see multiple pictures. This gives you a lot of chances to attract new leads by using stunning imagery.  


If we are talking about ad formats, then how can we not talk about Video ads? Why limit yourself to still images when you have stunning, attention-getting videos of your dream homes? Other ad forms don’t have the same ability to entice viewers as the video does. Posting videos is a great way to show properties to your clients.

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Instagram Stories allows you to share photos that would vanish after a day. They’re supposed to be short snapshots of a case that don’t detract from your feed’s overall theme. Make use of this function to establish yourself as an expert in the areas that your work.   


When you’re looking to target your audience, building trust is one of the most important things to do, what better way to do it is to allow your satisfied customers to share their experience working with you. 

You can ask them to record a short after purchasing a house with you how it worked out for them. They also write a short review which can be really effective. This will help you gain customers’ trust, and it will give them an idea of how it’s like working with you. 

Instagram is an effective tool for connecting with and engaging buyers and sellers. You’ll be more likely to create a vast audience and close more sales if you use beautiful visuals and good content.

Since we know how important the site is, we hope these tips inspire you to step up your real estate Instagram advertisement game. Now get out there and seize the opportunity!

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