Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has been helping people in house matters for years. People consider buying or constructing their own house as a source of revenue. They can rent it to either a family or many different people. And that’s it. Then they need to sit down and relax. Being a landlord, they will watch the rent rolling in every month. It sounds like a fun and effortless job! Right? But it is not that easy in actuality. Being a landlord brings tons of responsibilities as it’s a 24/7 job. All of them need to be addressed quickly. From finding tenants to collecting rent and paying for maintenance, it’s a tough job.

Until now, you must be thinking about the solution. The solution lies in the use of technology. Everything is easier yet quicker with technological advancements. Many technological innovations can help you as a landlord. Different websites and software are available in the market. They will make your landlord’s journey more manageable and comfortable. You need to know about those sites. This article by Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has everything you need to know. It has five tech innovations to make your landlord’s journey easier and efficient. Continue reading below and learn more.

For Online Rental Applications & Background Check

Deciding the perfect tenant from hundreds of candidates is a tough challenge. It consumes most of the landlord’s time. Even after that, many landlords still don’t find the one they want. The result is frustration and discouragement. That was when the online applications came into the scene to make things easier. By using them, landlords can receive online applications from tenants. With this, they can also do online background checks of the ones they like. It will save them from the hustle of dealing with thousands of papers. Thereby saving their energy, time, and printing cost. Use the following apps for online application receiving and background checks.

Rent Application / Cozy

Landlords can use this application for free. They charge a minimal amount of $10-$40 for checking tenant background.


Select the ideal tenant from your home with some clicks. Pay $10- $120 for a month and receive thousands of applications and perform background checks. Not just that, Rentalfy will also help in assisting and marketing your house.

For Digital Rent Collection

Payment collection is the most hectic thing for a landlord. Some renters keep delaying the dates. Therefore, the landlords must come again and again. It costs a lot of time and transportation expenses. All of this reduces the landlord’s profit, and no one likes it. But don’t worry because Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has a solution. With online apps, the renters can pay anytime from their phone or laptop. They can make a bank transfer as well. Thankfully, there are many apps for online rent collection to make your life easier. 

The list includes:


This app also collects rents with online application receiving and tenant background checks. The charges depend upon the selection of services.

Venmo / RentPayment

These apps make rent payment and collection easier for everyone. They eradicate the need to drop mails which is beneficial for both parties. The charge is monthly, depending on the rental amount.


This app charges $3 to $ $5 for each transaction.

For Digital Maintenance Requests

None of us wants our home to look ill-maintained or imperfect. Whether it’s a landlord or a renter, both parties demand a well-maintained home. Maintenance expenses are the responsibility of the landlord because the house is his property. Therefore, renters want all issues to get addressed as soon as possible. Traditionally, the tenant must wait till the landlord arrives and check the issue.

On the other hand, some tenants inform landlords after the situation gets worse. In both cases, it’s the home that is getting affected. Online maintenance request applications are here for your help. 

  • They enable the renters to inform the landlords as soon as the issue arises.
  • The apps allow renters to upload pictures as well. This feature helps the landlords to understand the issue more clearly.
  • With the advanced software, the landlords can also track the problem.
  • All maintenance receipts can be stored in the software for future use. Landlords can see and use them for tax and many other purposes.


The app charges different amounts on a monthly or weekly basis. It depends upon the package of the service selected.


The app charges different amounts on a monthly or weekly basis. It depends upon the package of the service selected.

For Dealing With Financials

Some people are good with numbers, and some are not. Managing the records of three, four properties at a time is challenging. As a landlord, you could forget:

  • The rent collection dates from different renters.
  • The cost of maintenance for each house.
  • The terms and conditions mentioned in the agreements for each tenant and many more.

All of this is confusing, and you may end up being lost and frustrated. Some apps can manage your finances and solve all your issues. 

Property Buddy

Make separate profiles for all your properties by using Property Buddy. The app will provide a financial overview with reporting on the progress of your investments. This app keeps track of many things just by charging $8 – $170. The list includes:

  • Due dates of rent collection
  • The remainder of leasing dates
  • Receipt tracking
  • Information on tax payments.
  • Record of inspection certificates.
  • All signed documents.

For Online Inspection

Inspection is an essential part of home renting. Every tenant wants to check the condition of the place they are moving to. Therefore, inspection is vital. If you have multiple properties, managing the inspection for them could be problematic. That is why Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has a solution for you.

Z Inspector

The service charges of this application start from $12. It tracks all inspections, whether they are done while moving in or moving out. The app stores a checklist for assessment and all photos of the house for future use. Contractors can also use this app during the inspection. They can upload all information and paperwork for the homes through their phones.


Real Estate Agent Brooklyn has always worked for your ease. Therefore, we have bought this article to solve your landlord’s difficulties. Use these five tech innovations and make your landlord journey more successful. Control everything throughout the day, just with your phone. Save your time and energy for a more profitable real estate investment. Happy Renting

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